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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Location ...Scenario...Individuals.. a Turn Off?  

8/7/2012 22:40
Posted By:  - TUSTIN, CA  
Date Posted: 8/7/2012 22:40
   First of all its good to be back and although I am dipping my toe in the pool its good to get back into the SWING of things 
Good to see some regulars are still doing well and enjoying themselves and some looking better then ever ;)

A few weeks ago I met a couple whom I see about once or twice a year (avoiding calling them " a couple of mine" since it seems somewhat silly to put it that way) apparently as she put it on a smart ass joke I am a guy who is only DO'able on special occasion LOL dont mean to go off on a tangent so i will get back on track. Well as i arrived I was told by him to hide in the garage via text, which i did somewhat hesitantly since I was already there. I was told to wait until i was given the cue, which to make things more interesting I was not told what it would be. Anyways 20mins go by i am squatted next to their escalade in the dark resting my legs all the while hearing them chatter away. Suddenly the door open she is naked being fondled by him i guess that is the cue...(input foreplay etc) As we move into their bedroom which was joined to garage I noticed a crib in the corner, fortunately empty : /  After some foreplay not only did it get hotter then a sauna in there but all of a sudden we get interrupted by some crying from next door. He steps out to try and salvage the situation ( i will leave it at that)  anyways was curious to read other stories of encounters that did not quite end up as one would of hoped via external factors aka the saying "shit happens"

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