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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   What, if any bad side effects does the LS bring to you?  

8/13/2012 10:25
Posted By:  - FLAGSTAFF, AZ  
Date Posted: 8/13/2012 10:25
   I think most everything we do has both positive and negative consaquence. What, If any, negative things are related to you being in the lifestyle? Here is my answer....(mrs)
 (and PLEASE ignore spelling...can't find spell check on here and my spelling is awful!!)

1. Age is WAY most relavent now. When I turned 40 (months before we discovered all this) I was SO happy with my age. I felt I was just where I wanted to be in life. (happy marriage, healthy great kids, nice home, ect...) Although I still feel that way for the most part, I am not as excited to get older as before!
2. For me...this kinda fosters attitude, or mental state that I have not been in since collage years...and that is somewhat rely on looks to get what you want.   I am WELL aware that looks will not last forever (see above) so I had better find a way to change this!!!!
3. Somethings that use to be really fun (dinner with vanilla friends, quite vacations, ect...) tend to bore us a bit now. We have learned we like excitement.
4. I waste WAY to much time thinking and fantasizing about sex!!!! (ok...this is debatable if its a negative!!)

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