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   Comments on setting up a Meet-n-Greet  

8/19/2012 12:38
Posted By:  - BENICIA, CA  
Date Posted: 8/19/2012 12:38
We are considering the idea of setting up a meet-n-greet and would greatly appreciate comments from anyyone on feasibilty, likely problems we'd encounter and any other issues you can think of.

We live in the Bay Area -- the Oakland/Berkeley area.  There's a very nice bar/pool hall in the area.  It's a classy space where you can rent tables by the hour. We are thinking of renting several tables on a given night and then contacting a number of couples in our area.

We are not planning on renting part of the space, just a number of tables. So the meet-n-greet would be held in a public space. We are not seeing that as an issue because we are not planning on the meet-n-greet becoming play-lite.  Because we are not reserving/renting private space, we don't need to charge people for the meet-n-greet.

Why set it up?
1. there doesn't seem to be a lot of meet-n-greets in the berkeley/oakland area.
2. we'd like to see a meet-n-greet that was no-cost to low-cost.
3. we'd like a venue that was conducive to chatting up a number of different couples. Ambient noise fairly low. Playing pool tends to keep the mix flowing.

I have one very specific question--timing. Does Thursday evening work for a meet-n-greet? I'm thinking that way it wouldn't compete for people's Friday or Saturday night. We could do it on a Friday or Saturday night, but I'm thinking this would be low-key and low-committment .... so not really the big event of the evening. If we had it on a Friday or Saturday, perhaps we'd have it a little earlier, like 6pm - 8pm.

I am hoping that those who have had experience setting up a meet-n-greet can tell us what to look out for. And we're also looking for comments from those who attend meet-n-greets about what you are looking for and what works and what doesn't.

mr 2playfully

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