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   horrible party experience.  

8/26/2012 20:15
Posted By:  - WOODLAND HILLS, CA  
Date Posted: 8/26/2012 20:15
   So, I was at my boytoys house, and I was showing him LL. At this time, I notice in my mail an invite to a party in San Francisco. Travel costs paid for, and I can invite a friend. It just so happens my boytoy was going to be in SF that weekend.. so I inquired more about this party.
It is a lifestyle party that is "select single male friendly" for those who like mfm and group play. The profile had many pics of hot females on it. I sent them a photo of my guy, and said I am very picky and like guys that are similar to him. The host said, you will like our crowd. plenty of females, couples, and single males will be attending. 
I went ahead and bought a plane ticket to the bay area, and my guy picked me up. The hosts let me know what hotel to go to and that my room would be provided to me and my plane ticket would be reimbursed.
I show up, and the male half of this couple wasn't particularly good looking, and his wife seemed to be packing some extra pounds, but me and my guy decided to stick around and see what kind of people would be showing up. Little by little, singles males start knocking on the door. first one, a fat, bald, old guy walks in. My guy and I look at each other like... omg, I hope they don't all look like this. Then more showed up... all looking pretty much just like the first one. We noticed as they walked in they were approached by the host and they handed him cash. As the room fills up with very unattractive middle aged men, my guy and I start to feel very uneasy. Two other SFs show up, and they weren't a very good site to see either. I get up and head over to my room.. which was attached to the other one, like a suite. I get on my computer and start looking on LL for any other possibilities there may be in San Fran instead of the current one. Then, the unattractive males start to follow me into the room. one took off his pants, sat on the bed, and started rubbing himself. I tell all the guys to get out and I call my guy in. We get all of our things together as quick as we could and ran as fast as we could! it seemed to me this looked more like an incall in the form of a gangbang.. and I was supposed to be the main event. So, without getting reimbursed for my travel expenses, I decided to leave and we got our own room in another part of town. 
I wanted to make a forum posting about this so that if anyone else gets an invite for a party like this to definitely NOT ACCEPT. they travel the country doing this apparently, and entice hot couples or single females to come with travel expenses paid. I would not have accepted the invite unless I had my boytoy with me, and I was so glad I had him. But, this certainly was not a good first experience for this guy I really like that I was trying to introduce to the lifestyle. Hopefully he will be open to going to some better parties with me :(

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