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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   "Types of specific sexual play I am seeking" box  

8/30/2012 08:55
Posted By:  - SYRACUSE, NY  
Date Posted: 8/30/2012 08:55
   Just a curiosity on this section available on our profiles. Some profiles have nothing listed, others have a mile long list. I get concerned when I see statements of condom play only but the box is checked for creampies and bukkake. It does not necessarily mean I will turn someone down but I will emphasize that I am not into that. I only had trouble with one person who I was going to meet up with in October who repeatedly states at the end of the e-mails that he sure wishes I would play bareback (I am not going to see him because he keeps pushing something that is clearly spelled out on my e-mail).

I love the box and the options and it helps people search. Just for myself, there are many things I am into but only with specific people so I am not necessarily "seeking" different types of play with others. For example, love anal sex but only with a couple of people. I think the only thing I checked on the box is "kissing." That is my universal and no kissing = no play.

Did you fill out the box or not? What do you think when you see others choices? 

Just curious - not married to the topic. :-)

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