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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Being Respectful TOWARDS Single Guys.   

9/8/2012 20:58
Posted By:  - AUSTIN, TX  
Date Posted: 9/8/2012 20:58
   Evening all,

I had an experience today that I'd sooner forget but would very much like some feedback on. 

The circumstances:

I had an mfm 3some with a couple yesterday afternoon. It went remarkably well and I had gratitude and praise heaped upon me. Later that night (10:00pm yesterday) I received a text message from the female half of the couple asking if I could meet her alone today. I responded that "Yes, I would be thrilled to". I then didn't hear from her for 13 hrs (11:00am today).

When I did get a response, I had to send 2 texts to find out the situation. I received no information about time, location or anything else. Instead, at 3:30pm I got a text asking if I could meet at 5:30pm. My response was that I had to get a flight to Dallas tomorrow morning at 5:00am and that I should probably stay home to pack and organize myself. I thanked her and asked if we could try again when I return to town. 

She responded with an LL message saying that I had wasted her time and that I was irresponsible!!

My question is two fold:

To any single guys out there - Do you encounter this kind of stuff regularly?

To any couples who could provide some insight - Are single guys thought of as not requiring the same level of respect (or notice for playing) as say a single female or another couple? If so, is this because of the number of us or the quality of the average single guy or what's the deal?

Many thanks,

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