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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
 Originator Date Posted 
   Can there be such a thing as a unanimity in the forums?  

9/13/2012 08:06
Posted By:  - SYRACUSE, NY  
Date Posted: 9/13/2012 08:06
   Just doing a piggy back on HONEYBADGERZ's topic about people attacking in the forums. Can there ever be a topic in the forums in which everyone agrees and it is not rude?


About two years ago a SF (no longer on the site) posted about an experience with a couple that took her to a remote resort. She only mentioned in her profile that she was interested in learning about BDSM but had not engaged in it. Nor did she ever express that it was okay to do this to her. This couple took her to a very remote place and they were her only mode of transportation. When they were in the room, the husband  hauled off and punched the side of her face. It took a few of us to convince her to write ADMIN and to consider a forum topic for input.

***Not one single fight and not one person blamed her! It was an incredibly long forum thread and people who never posted in the forums and the regular forums came out in droves to support her. The advice given was simply that she needs to have a back up or not get into such an isolated situation. No one told her this was her fault and all agreed the husband was an abusive asshole. 

I always think back to that thread as one time I saw complete unity in the forums - the community came together to help another member. 

Any other examples that may have occurred before my time here, or since (that I may have missed?)

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