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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Flaky people!?!?!  

9/23/2012 11:28
Posted By:  - LONG BEACH, CA  
Date Posted: 9/23/2012 11:28
   I was talking with a somewhat swinger, sexy, female friend of mine last night and she shared a frustration with me that I thought only I was experiencing.  She explained that, in general, people tend to not want to commit to actually getting together and doing something.  She is from Canada; so, she was asking me if it's a California thing.  I explained that I thought it was just me because I'm a dude.

Typically, it works something like this.  I ask "What are you doing tomorrow?"  They respond, "I have nothing planned."  I say, "Do you wanna do X, Y, or Z?"  They either say yes in a very non-committal tone, or suggest that they might have to do something else.  Scratching my head, I think, did I just miss something?  Or did you just say, "I have no plans; but I'm hoping something better than hanging out with you will come up?" LOL  But they still call you, and ask about you as though they are interested.

This happens in the swing world as well.  You are supposed to have plans and they flake in some fashion.  

My question is:  Is this a cultural norm now?  Has the world become non-committal when it comes to making plans.  Or should we be reading between the lines better than when someone is that flaky the reality is that we just aren't that important to them and should move on?


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