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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Why are people offended when you ask them who is coming to their party?  

9/29/2012 14:02
Date Posted: 9/29/2012 14:02
   We love house parties. But one aspect of them that we never understand is a host's inability to tell us who they have invited. If we know you, we know what type of people you choose to associate with. Some people, regardless of their looks or profile, have very high standards for quality of people (Intelligence, respect, manners, classiness) while others don't. We are not snobby, pretentious, or judgmental, we simply know what types of people we enjoy to be around, while again not necessarily discussing looks.  If we receive an invite, or inquire about a party, and we have never met you, we'd like to know who else is invited. Of course there will be no shows, etc. That's every party. But when hosts refuse to tell us who has rsvp'd or who was even invited, it leaves us with the feeling that they are hiding one of 2 things. Either, a, no one has rsvp'd. Or, b, a lot of unattractive and or sketchy people are coming. Walking into a situation blindly can make for very awkward situations. At least with a club, we can see who rsvp'd to get a general feel of what type of people a club attracts, knowing full well that many people may no-show or many other types of people not on the guest list will show. Again, this doesn't go for people we know, but for people we have never met. Has this happened to or does this annoy anyone else? 

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