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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Propper edicate ?  

10/6/2012 05:59
Posted By:  - ARNOLD, MO  
Date Posted: 10/6/2012 05:59
   We are very new to this and are venturing into the water slowly to see if this is exactly what we want.
So we thought we would go to a couples only theater.
Upon entering couples were making out and so on.

After a bit my wife and I started messing around. Well my wife was turned on to the fact that we were being watched somewhat by other people in the room as was I too. Although I was a bit nervous I was enjoying it until I noticed out of the corner of my eye was a couple that was watching a little differently.

The man was beyond looking every now and then , he was straight up , flat out just Gooning at us.
Now his wife was not, nor did she say or do anything to tell her partner anything.

As a newbie this really bugged me to the point I could barley perform.
It was so bad I stopped and move to a couch behind the couple.

I don't mine being watched somewhat but a straight out Goon is not exceptable, for me anyways.
I for one would respect people enough to catch a peek here and there but would not just stop what I was doing and Goon like I never saw a woman's body before.
Now the others in there were not being that way at all.

Again this was our first time at something like this. I'm sure it's to be expected in this situation.
So is there a Propper Edicate?
Or am I just tripping?

We have yet to be with a couple for me to ask about the ropes and edicate.

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