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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   The worst thing has happened, has it happend to you?  

10/9/2012 14:51
Posted By:  - PLEASANTON, CA  
Date Posted: 10/9/2012 14:51
I recently updated my apple account (may i add Im not technical savvy at all) and the new update streamed all of my photos to every apple device I have on my account which includes my 9 yr olds itouch.  Since i was unaware of this shared photo stream, recent pictures were sent to her itouch. Lucky we have great communication and she told me right away when she saw them and said "mom this is akeward but some of your pictures came to my itouch" immediately i grabbed it and started looking.....well the first one she commented on was of me and my boobs, which i said i had to send that to a nurse friend who she knows so she could see why i had a red spot and she said mommy was fine. And the other she commented on was of one she said looked like a "guy manneguin" (which i must say his body is perfectly portioned) and I said agirl  friend as a joke cause he had so many muscles......anyway there were some other Xrated shots on there that she didnt comment on........and Im still not sure if she saw or not but i dont want to keep bringing it up, but im still a little worried she might have seen something shes not sure of:( What to do???? besides disable my photo stream share DONE!

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