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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Lifestyle Status changes...  

10/10/2012 14:22
Posted By:  - NEW ORLEANS, LA  
Date Posted: 10/10/2012 14:22
It has been nearly four years since my LS status change from Male Half of Swinging Couple with Gorgeous Wife to Lure in Potential Victims (I mean to provide eye candy to get compatible couples to check out our profile to begin the slow process of emails, phone calls, weeks and months of lunches and museum dates to make the assessment if there was the perfect four way compatibility that might eventually lead to play...or in our case, 5 minutes of sniffing to decide, "Yah, you'll Do, let's fuck!")

And having enjoyed the somewhat less exalted status of Single Male (which, despite the limitations often discussed in the forum, is still WAY better than being a single male VANILLA, so my fellow Single Males should stop their bitching) for several years now, my life is undergoing a few changes, which brings me, after my signature excess of irrelevant verbage, to my point...

I am very close to closing the deal to becoming part of a couple again...and she is eager to be in the lifestyle (while her own adventures have not been in the formal lifestyle party community, she is no stranger to group sex, gangbangs and open relationships, so I don't anticipate she will have any cultural shock.)

Which brings me to the question...how to best get the word out to the lifestyle community that my status has changed back to my original status of Coupled Swingerdom, with all the rights, privileges, and obligations that apply thereto?  Sample issues:

1.  Keep same screen name, just making it couples and adding her description and pictures or start a new profile with new name?

2.  Renew the whole "We Fuck Separately Whenever, Wherever, and Whoever We Want" picture?

3.  Go on a world tour of swinger parties in all the great Swing Cities as a couple and explain it to everyone in person?

4.  Blog about it?

5.  Post this thread?

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