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   Introductory e-mails 101 - a long read but please add your own "best of..."  

10/21/2012 23:51
Posted By:  - SYRACUSE, NY  
Date Posted: 10/21/2012 23:51
I am over a month late on the annual pointers and list for Introductory e-mails. All comments are simply compiled for the annual list as a benefit to the LL and the bLLogville community! 
It is that time of year to publish my annual Introductory e-mails 101 for the betterment of getting you laid! *This is NOT directed at SM's! This is for everybody!!!* ( Not all of these are mine, but some are, and I won't tell which ones are which!) :-)
1. Never refer to a woman as an "older woman" - you might as well write, "Yes, your ass looks fat in those jeans!"
2. Never send an e-mail simply stating your name and cock size. Automatic delete, and pity to those who you have actually had that line work. Do not send this "You want this cock don't you?" with your cock pic that was not requested. Gentlemen, no matter how big your cock is, for those of us who have been around a while, we have probably seen bigger. I am sorry if the best you have to offer of yourself is your cock size.
3. Do not send an e-mail with no title and nothing in the body of the e-mail. Also, actually READ the profile before sending the e-mail, as you might overlook something important. Yes, by all means perv the pics, but read what we have written. *Helpful hint - refer to something written in the profile to acknowledge you read it.* Mention a group someone is in (but not "I see you are a member of Blowjob Goddesses.")
4. Hall passes - better be willing to prove you have one! On the converse, please do not beg someone to become friends with your wife if the person is not interested in that, and then indicate you really do have a hall pass. You obviously do not unless your wife gives approval. Don't cheat!
5. If you are going to open your white list, at least send an e-mail to go with it, or a note in the white list. If you are proud of your body, that is great. Sometimes we need a little more than just a pretty body.
6. Do not jump right into the detailed fantasy of what you want to do to us, that is over a page long and single spaced. I doubt you do that to people you meet in vanilla land! Conversely, we can usually spot a standard introductory e-mail that is a cut/paste.
7. If you have been politely declined, please do not then open your white list - seeing you more naked is not going to change anything. Do not beg or plead for reconsideration (i.e. - but I'm rich, etc.) Remember, NO MEANS NO! We are at least giving you the courtesy of a response so just accept that and move on - odds are it is nothing personal about you. If you continue to persist after repeatedly being told or having e-mails denied, you are a stalker and you will be blocked and admin will be notified. Run quickly and seek mental health treatment!!!
8. Have face pics posted or send them with the e-mail/wishlist! And not ones 10-20 feet away with hats and sunglasses on! You see our pics, we want to see yours!
9. If you are e-mailing a couple, even if only interested in one half of the couple, always address the e-mail to both parties. It is just good manners. Read their profile and if they specifically say they ONLY play with other couples or do not play separately, do not waste your time. If they are looking for an SF or SM, they will have it on their profile.
10. We can never overstate enough be the person in your picks. For example, do not e-mail as a white man only to change your pic later to that of a black man (or vice versa.)
Epic fails:
1. Well how about some muskrat love? Lets lick each other to death? Give me a shot.
2. I never had a red head give me head before. 
3. Hey there you cute little biscuit!
4. I loves older woman likes you. The thicker the better.
5. I am a hot lating hun sud. I want to fuck you. (Including your name and number)
6. i would like to see a nude pic. This was met with the following, "I would like to win the lottery and not have to work but we don't get everything we want."
7. Do not tell an older woman that "she can teach me so much". Sorry, school's out sonny, come back when you can teach ME something.
8. i wanna ram that asss so hard baby"  (extra s in ass was in the email. 
9. We may not always be grammar snobs, but make an effort on spelling: ho ar you beautiful
10. I have a penis - I think this line WOULD work!
11. wanna play this morning? (Remember, this was an INTRODUCTORY e-mail)
13. helping become the man you’d prodly like to fuck over and over again knowing it will always be exactly what you’re looking for.
14. I love the pink knee high boots. Jury is still out on this one. Overall not a recommended Introductory e-mail, but I do know one person who fell for it. ;-)
Sorry for the delay but please keep adding to the list for next year's installment! 
Irish :-) 

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