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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   kids bedroom  

10/25/2012 17:52
Posted By:  - NORTH SAINT PAUL, MN  
Date Posted: 10/25/2012 17:52
So we were talking to some LL (no longer on this site) friends of ours a cpl years back and they were telling us about a house party they attended. All of the stories sounded pretty erotic and fun.....right up to the point when they started laughing about how they were having sex in the home owners kids racecar bed that, btw, the homeowner approved of.

 Here is my question:

 Would any of you allow people to have sex in your childs bed?

 If you would allow it, please explain why?

 Personally I find it disgusting that anyone would allow another cpl to have sex on there childs bed and frankly I ended the conversation with that friend and made my disapprovel very very clear. We advertise no drama in our profile but honestly if we had a house party and someones snuck into our childs bed to have sex, man, game over.

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