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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Profile set up and marketing  

10/30/2012 14:34
Posted By:  - NEWPORT BEACH, CA  
Date Posted: 10/30/2012 14:34
It seems like there is always someone complaining about how someone else sets up their profile or chooses to market themselves. The list includes everything from questioning someone's status(especially SFs) , quantity and quality of pitcures (especially of male halves of couples), play style preferences, sexual orientation (for females...is she REALLY bi, for males....is he REALLY straight), why are they always in bOOty call, why do they list that in their bOOty call?

Why is that others feel that they have any stake in it?

People pay their fee to be on the site to market themselves for whatever it is that they are looking for in whatever manner they believe will be most effective. If I see a profile I like..I am free to reach out...If I see one I don't like (for whatever reason) I am free to pass..

There are seemingly an endless flow of threads attacking other people's choices

Why does anyone else care how someone else chooses to market themselves here?

This is not just a rant...I am actually curious why...

Would love to hear from those who actually feel this way as well as those who might have an idea why others feel this way.


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