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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Can someone in the lifestyle be "too slutty?"  

11/1/2012 11:06
Posted By:  - SYRACUSE, NY  
Date Posted: 11/1/2012 11:06
   I am piggy backing on a comment from a blog that came off a bit offensive. The question was a search for a SF who was in essence not sleeping with every guy. 


I learned to never answer (and would have never asked):

How many guys have you been with?
How many guys at one time?
How many guys in a day? 

Some I know the answers, some I could only ball park. It is my business only and not for any one else's consumption. Why? Because I answered the first and third question honestly to someone and it shocked the hell out of him. This was a few years ago and we are very close BUT he still has difficulty with the answer to the third question (and now we have a don't ask/don't tell policy that works for us.) I have been here three years, he has been on LL since it started. He did not have a lot of lifestyle experiences, never saw anyone more than once, and never even considered the question with anyone he had been with, and I think he surprised himself that he had a concept of a woman, even in the lifestyle, being too slutty.  I remember him once saying to me a long time ago that he didn't think he could have sex with a woman who had been with over 200 men. No idea why that number but all I said was, "You've been with other women in the lifestyle, how do you know that you haven't?" He followed-up with "Good point! I never thought of that." I also said, "What if my numbers creeped over 200, would you lose interest in me?" That was met with a very very adamant "Absolutely never!" He challenged my thinking and I challenged his.

What is your perception? I don't think there is a wrong answer but just one I am curious if you have ever considered. (Please don't shoot the OP!) :-0

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