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   All Right ! All Right ! All Right !.........  

11/11/2012 08:27
Posted By:  - SAINT CLOUD, MN  
Date Posted: 11/11/2012 08:27
We see all the posting about playing with the kids at home.   We believe that it is time to bury this horse.

With everyone saying "NOWAY!" there has to be a reason.  Somehow, some where down the line,  something happened that everyone now knows it is bad form to play when the children are in the house.   Hell, We will even go one step farther and say it is bad form when the neighbors see more then they should.  ( The neighbors do get nosey. )


We are more then willing to bet that everyone at sometime hasn't follow the statements being made here in the forums.  That when we get together at 'family gatherings' there have been looks, smiles, and words exchanged that children see and begin to wonder.  The children are not blind.  Even kids you don't know, or have any contact with, can see things from miles away.  We have even talked here about going and people watching others at the mall and out in public places.  You don't believe that kids do the same thing?  Com' on.....Get real.

So what happened?  Tell us what made you decide to have these high morals?  For us, the worse happened just once.  As a little boy (4 years old) had a bad dream at 2am and came running into the bedroom.  No warning.....no locked door......never expect him to get up as he never had before.   2 people in bed and one wasn't his mother.

That was 12 years ago........We have never made that mistake again.   BUT, many times the desire was there.

Now tell us the story that made you change your mind.
the mouse and her mate

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