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   The Swinging Paradigm  

11/17/2012 21:52
Posted By:  - EVERETT, WA  
Date Posted: 11/17/2012 21:52
   I am one of those people who must know everything about everything. Being a newbie I am very curious about the psychology behind swinging and the impact on the relationship. I found this lengthy study interesting. Lots of charts and graphs. Here is the conclusion:


In conclusion, the findings of this study are consistent with those of previous research on swinging that suggest that swingers have high marital and sexual satisfaction. Although there is still a strong societal disapproval of swinging and a belief that swingers have unsatisfactory marriages and are unhappy with their primary relationships, there is no evidence to support such a claim (Jenks, 1998). Swingers seem to be no different from other individuals in the general population regarding their basic demographic characteristics.

Swingers in this study have been engaging in swinging for an extended period and reported being satisfied with their swinging activities. Moreover, swinging may have far- reaching implications in its ability to add a new dimension to marital satisfaction.

This study provides insight into a possible new social paradigm regarding the dynamics of marriage and consensual extra-marital sex. It is possible that swinging is bringing about a re-definition of marriage and a change in the traditional expectation of marital monogamy. Future research on this topic is warranted and necessary to understand the changing dynamics of marital relationships.

I am interested in feedback from real people.
Also, if you a curious as I was and like to read very dry research papers here is the link. http://www.ejhs.org/Volume12/Swinging2.htm#t1
Talk amongst yourselves.

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