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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Closing the deal  

11/27/2012 09:21
Posted By:  - HOUSTON, TX  
Date Posted: 11/27/2012 09:21
So I met this couple that literally lives 4 miles from me. Great couple. I really enjoy meeting with them. We have gone out twice. Once I met them at a club. The last time we went out to a sports bar. We must have hung out like 4 hours. Nothing happened. I have a golden rule about never bringing expecations.

As a sm, you do not want to seem aggresive but I think I might be too conservative about sealing the deal. I texted them later afterwards saying thanks for meeting me. They responded that they were sorry they couldnt entertain at their house for a  certain reason and I was kewl with that. They also said the Mrs was really in the mood for some fun. I said wow didnt know that.

Long story short, they said, "Well we have gone out with you three times, that should have been a clue". I was like oh hell I have done it again.

To me, their signals were not great but does going out more than once indicate lets seal this deal? How do you seal the deal.

Granted I have had a ton of rodeos but the couple is always the one who says, lets party.


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