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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Setting up a successful MMMF  

CALGARY, , AlbertaAB
12/7/2012 11:02
Posted By:  - CALGARY, , AlbertaAB  
Date Posted: 12/7/2012 11:02
   So I (Lucy) really, really, really want a MMMF. We've had MMF's, FFM's, MFMF's, group sex, orgies...you name it. In the last year I've been very drawn to taking on a few cocks at once and fantasize about it a lot. I've had the opportunity to dabble in it a little in our group sex/couple experiences but haven't felt satisfied and  have wanted 3 guys to myself all at once. 

So my problem is not that we don't have great friends to do it...we have several fantastic, sexy , hot , willing and eager guys to pick from who are close friends who we trust.

The issue is my hubby is apprehensive. He's worried about performing, feeling anxious, nervous...and doesn't want it to feel orchestrated. It doesn't make a difference to me...hell, I just want the guys to come over and we'll get down to business. Hubby says he wants it to feel more natural and happen organically...like say if we're out with a group of friends or at a party and it sort of just happens. My concern is that if we just let the universe dictate it...it's never going to happen.

How do I successfully make it happen while making sure my husband is comfortable? He's seen me have sex with other men countless times...so I am not sure why this particular situation is making him feel so uncomfortable. 

Just one aside...we had sex last night and all of his dirty talk was surrounding me taking on multiple men, facials and he appeared to be very excited by it...it's just making it happen that seems to be the issue.


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