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   Just got called a Poser and a Fake  

12/17/2012 00:53
Posted By:  - OLYMPIA, WA  
Date Posted: 12/17/2012 00:53
   Okay...so my wife and have been swinging since we were 23...14 years of swinging which is longer then a lot of people on here.  Over the past 1 1/2 years our 11 year old has become super active with sports and is making all kinds of competitive teams (FastPitch & Basketball).  She is our little rock star and we love it.

However, this has caused us to become quite a bit less active over the past 2 years.  When (More on that later) people message us, we let them know to be patient as it could be a bit before we have an opening, but that we are wanting to keep conversations going.

Well a couple that we really liked from what we say said that we are fakers and posers and should leave the site if we aren't going to be serious about meeting.  We explained that life has gotten in the way and that we are probably in a phase where we can only play once or twice a years (Used to play about ever 4-6 weeks).

We have also noticed over the last year or so...Hardly any mail from local couples.  Maybe they are talking with each other and stuff, but it's crazy that we get no mail to show any interest.  

Here is my question.  HOW ACTIVE do you think someone has to be to be considered REAL and not a Poser?  Is there anything better we could do to when talking with people?  Last...if we told you it might be 3-4 months before we can meet...would you just pass us off and move on?  It's frustrating because we used to feel like "Veterans" and all of a sudden we feel like "Newbies" with all this.  Appreciate the feed back and Happy Holidays!

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