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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Playing on the first date - yes or no?  

CALGARY, , AlbertaAB
12/17/2012 09:48
Posted By:  - CALGARY, , AlbertaAB  
Date Posted: 12/17/2012 09:48
   Recently we had a play date with an awesome couple who we really hit it off with - those couples you search to find for years who you laugh hysterically with all night.

Not surprisingly, one thing led to another and we took things back to our place for a fun night of play. 

The next morning, my husband and I chatted and realized we'd never done that - played on a first date. All our other play mates it has been at great length that we have gotten to know before we took it to the next level, and from there had those same people on a steady rotation, rarely meeting new couples or adding new ones to our play circle. 

Mostly what it reaffirmed for us is that we have no interest in a continuous stream of more playmates to be added to our roster - we really enjoy having those handful of awesome, trustworthy people we want to be around - play or no play, people we would be friends with even if they weren't swingers. We feel really lucky to have met this new couple - but also realized people like them likely won't come around again any time soon - and it dawned on us that we are totally ok with it! The thought of hooking up with new couples every weekend, or playing with strangers who you meet at parties or on lifestyle holidays - could not appeal to us less. It's just who we are...neither of us were all that promiscuous as singles and we definitely aren't as swingers either. We like to call ourselves "vanilla" swingers for that reason...haha.

So...what say you....are you down for whatever - if the spark is there, let's do it! Or, are you more geared like us where you require a friendship for play to even be on the table? 

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