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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Suzy Favor Hamilton  

12/22/2012 23:54
Posted By:  - MINNEAPOLIS, MN  
Date Posted: 12/22/2012 23:54
Perhaps this belongs in the sports section but I thought I'd address it here.  If you haven't heard this story, Suzy Favor Hamilton was outed as being an escort in Las Vegas.  She said she's had difficulty with depression and trouble in her marriage and was using this as a coping mechanism.  I'm disappointed that the most of the posts I've read have been incredibly judgemental about her or poking fun at the situation.  I'm sure she's humiliated and I doubt if anyone could go through that type of difficulty without being shaken to the core.  I acknowlege that there is a lot of unhealthiness in prostitution and human trafficking is an abomination and I don't want to compare it directly with swinging.  But I also feel that our society is so hung up on sexual issues both individually and collectively, that it's difficult to deal with them in a healthy way.  The shame is something that is all too close to the surface for many of us who might be "outed" for our participation in an alternative lifestyle that many people just can't wrap their heads around.  Perhaps I'm projecting my own struggle with this but I think it's worth examining here.  Any thoughts?

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