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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
 Originator Date Posted 
   Do you attend parties to play or "socialize"?  

12/27/2012 23:25
Date Posted: 12/27/2012 23:25
   We have noticed that many couples arrive to LS parties whom do not participate in any of the "play" activities. They spend the time dancing, talking, drinking and nothing else...in most parties such couples tend to be the majority of attendees.

Not judging or anything and of course - to each their own, it is a free country, no accounting for taste etc....BUT -  isn't  sexy play the entire point of LS parties? 

Again - not to sound critical, but we are curious about this. If all someone wants is to mingle, talk, dance etc - wouldn't the regular bar/club scene be more to their liking?

We do realize that part of the experience is the "meet n greet" activities and each couple should feel free to remain in their comfort zone, so - perhaps we have just answered our own question. 

Be sure that this is not a negative comment but rather an observation. Our whole reason to join the LS was to experience our sexual boundaries, both physically and mentally...so we are also curious about other people's perspectives.

So - what is your take on this? 

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