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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   F/F dating  

1/25/2013 23:19
Posted By:  - MILWAUKEE, WI  
Date Posted: 1/25/2013 23:19
   Maybe this isn't the appropriate place to be posting and we'll get some direction in what to do but we've been in the LS for approaching 2 years.  We've established some great regular play friends and as a couple we're comfortable with our LS play time given family commitments etc.  There are times that we get contacted by new people and while I'm always open to exploring The Mrs. is more interested in one on one F play time.  I think mostly because that was part of her sexuality that was repressed growing up and she is wanting to cultivate that part of her life right now and I fully support her.  We're not opposed to new couples but as I said we've got some really great established friends and it's hard to find the 4 some match, she's really selective in her men

To help explore what The Mrs. is looking for she's posted on Craigslist, I've encouraged her to go out with her friends who are lesbian to gay clubs etc.  The Craigslist thing was a dead end as most people are either fakes or they say their looking for a F/F experience but all of the sudden their man would need to be present to "watch".  That's a no go unless I can be there for safety.  I'm almost wondering if we should just get separate LL  accounts and those accounts state what we're looking for as singles and keep the couples account for possible couple dates.  The amount of time to build another account is not appealing to me though.  She can play with who ever she wants male or female and she's been ok with me playing with couples or individually with others too.  Problem is the website is geared towards couple encounters so that makes things difficult for both of us to proceed new LS encounters. 

I guess I'm looking for any advice to help get The Mrs. individual wants met in addition to proceeding as a couple in the LS and Individually.  Thanks for any help offered or others experiences shared.

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