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   Kissing and play  

1/26/2013 09:29
Posted By:  - SAN LEANDRO, CA  
Date Posted: 1/26/2013 09:29

As I read through profiles I see the full gamut of answers from “mandatory” to “depends”, to “only with my spouse”.   How do you feel about kissing while playing?   For me, it is necessary in order to play.



One time I was at a party in CA and this extremely cute young couple came in later in the evening.  Full play was pretty much going on all around, yet they remained clothed and watched.  They came into a room I was playing with a SF and sat on the other bed and watched.  We invited but they chose to just watch.  After we finished, we were all sitting in the room and talk of my massage came up.  I was invited to show the clothed young lady a sample as she sat her clothed body directly in front of my naked body.  I spent about 20 minutes massaging her back, neck, shoulders and scalp.  She kept commenting on how great it felt and I kept trying to seduce her with my touch. 


The seduction never happened that night, but I felt like a king because out of everyone at the party that night, the only one she allowed to touch was me and that sample massage.  Before they left that night, I gave the Mr. one of my cards and invited him to call me if they ever wished to have the full massage. 


About a week later they called and invited me to a hotel they were staying in.  I eagerly accepted and when I got there, the massage took place and after about 60 minutes or so, the massage turned to play.  But during the play with her and I (before he joined in) there was lots of touching, oral and fucking, but she would avoid kissing.



 I thought it might be me, but I watched her with just her man and they really did very little kissing of their own.



 About 2 weeks later they called and requested the massage again.  I mentioned to the Mr. how important kissing was to me and could he at least mention it to her.  Well playdate two went much like the first with no kissing.  I was flattered to no end to keep being invited back to keep playing with these two as she was drop-dead smoking hot but when they called me the third time, and I mentioned the kissing o him, his response was that when he talked to her, “she was there to fuck, not make love”.



 In spite of the thrill and ego boost of being invited, from that point on, each time they invited me, I politely declined.   For me, I need to have lots of soft, slow, and sensual kissing as part of the play or it can be a real deal breaker.   Kissing is required for play.



 How do you fell about kissing while playing?



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