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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Running but Can't Hide!!  

1/29/2013 21:31
Posted By:  - LONG BEACH, CA  
Date Posted: 1/29/2013 21:31
   I've been in nursing school for a couple of years.  I have about 7 months left.  I have always tried to hide the fact that I'm a swinger.  Along the way, one day, I mistakenly posted a video that was supposed to go on a private FB page that I'm a member of.  In the video, I'm working over a sexy playmate.  However, nothing in the video ever mentioned anything about me being a swinger.  Then, one day in class, my cell phone decided to randomly play the video that's on the cover page of LL.  Yea, the one that starts, "Hi, we're swingers.....and, Hi, we're vanillas........"  The video just started blaring from my phone while it was in my frickin pocket.  Eventually, I got the phone to shut up.  Recently, I had a close classmate ask me why I never told her I was a swinger.  I asked who said I was a swinger and where that came from.  For some reason, she won't reveal her source.

Here comes another coincidence....I'm enrolled in a required "Non-nursing" class at the school.  Although the subject taken is elective, the type of class is a graduation requirement.  To make things easy, I decided to take Human Sexuality.  Of course, some of my fellow nursing students are also in the class.  Tonight, we got separated into groups for a class presentation and were asked to pick various subjects for the presentation from some shuffled cards.  YUP....You fuckin guessed it, OUR GROUP CHOSE OPEN RELATIONSHIPS, INCLUDING SWINGING.

So, here's my dilemma, I'm certain I could easily show the pros, cons, and ins and outs of swinging. However, about five of the classmates in this class are from my nursing program.  I haven't had anyone really treat me awful or strange per se; but I'm truly afraid of the, "What if I wind up working with someone later who know's I'm a swinger?"  What a fucking mess!?!?!  I keep running; but I can't hide for shit.  What do I do!?!?!?!


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