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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Is There a Unicorn Backlash?  

2/2/2013 14:57
Posted By:  - CHICAGO, IL  
Date Posted: 2/2/2013 14:57

I've been actively looking through local couples' profiles the last couple of months, and I have been surprised by the number of couples who only wanted... other couples! That, and/or the female of the partnership was listed as "straight." To each their own - of course - but I was still shocked. 

Shocked, because for me, at least, being an part of a [sub] culture

 that welcomed, even desired above others - the bisexual, single female was a purrrfect (sorry, I just had to) fit for me. 

I've known I "liked" BOTH girls and boys since puberty. Spending the latter years of college dismissed by the lesbian community as being "confused" or not "gay" enough and being labeled as one who "wants her cake and eat it too" by the straights. Uh, hell yeah I want to eat the cake! Was I just suppose to pose with it at nightclubs in the VIP section and have my picture taken with "it" like the cool "kids" are doing nowadays?! But I digress...

For me, engaging in the LS was about meeting other bisexual women and also getting to play with men. There was my cake, and I got to eat every delicious bite and it was expected and desired by the couple I was "with" to be exactly that way. [Cue the sunlight shining through the clouds and the sound of birds chirping in heavenly harmony] No longer a stray, this cat found a home.

I understand that swinging is about couples - but I'm not a "swinger" I've never been. I have always been a "unicorn" (a bisexual single female) in what I consider just one facet of alternative/open sexuality based lifestyles. So this reminder that "swinging" is for swingers might seem redundant to some people reading this, but when I consider just the number of couples I have known personally over the years that didn't actually swing, or rather that is to say - they didn't swap partners with other couples in a sexual setting (which is what "traditionally" is meant by swinging) and just wanted us cake eating unicorns - again, I say I am shocked to see the opposite stated on couples' profiles lately.  Hmm..?

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