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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
 Originator Date Posted 
   WTF?! The "It's a beautiful day and I'm fortunate Pact".  

2/7/2013 11:53
Posted By:  - SAN DIEGO, CA  
Date Posted: 2/7/2013 11:53
   Are you thankful?

Are you filled with the appreciation that you're truly fortunate in this life?

Are you filled with appreciation for the a wonderful partner you have? The partner cares deeply for you, trusts you and who you trust completely. Who loves you.

If you're single, are you filled with appreciation for the tons freedom and independence you have to explore and experiment? Appreciate the chance to meet a great partner someday, if you want one?

Are you filled with appreciation that you(or your partner) has a job? Has the money to pay this membership fee, and attend events and parties, fly to resorts and get togethers to have sex with other people?

Are you filled with appreciation that you and your partner can afford great plastic surgery, testosterone/hgh(anti aging drugs) and  have professional photographers and photoshop software to take our vanity pics?

Are you filled with appreciation that many, many of us are attractive and fit and healthy?

Are you filled with appreciation that we get to experience sexual pleasure with our partners and other people(even strangers) we meet? IE the term "get some strange?" ;)

That the sun is shining today?

That you're truly happy?

That you have a positive outlook on like and don't enjoy dwelling in the negative?

Here's our chance to make this forum a healthier, more productive(vs destructive), more fun, pleasant place top visit.

By signing on for this pact......... with a simple "I'm fortunate"(sign below) ........

you commit to NOT posting anything negative(that includes whining and complaining), destructive, "piling on", bullying, intimidating, stereotyping("They" blah, blah, blah all suck"....so I must be wonderful),

Best part. The pact lasts just ONE month.

Will you sign?
Can you do it?

Just be positive until March 7??? February is a short month, too!!

Who's with me?

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