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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
 Originator Date Posted 
   WTF is wrong with this community!  

2/11/2013 01:31
Posted By:  - DENVER, CO  
Date Posted: 2/11/2013 01:31
    After receiving wonderful commentary regarding our last forum post we decided to review past forum topics written by the masses and noticed an apparent lack of constructive communication and a general focus on bashing the OP to the extent that many forum questions begin with an apology as to not incite a severe public lashing. Instead of blaming the bullyragging antics of the crowd on a contemptuous inner character that revels in vitiating others, we realized that the fault lies solely with the OP. After brunch with our legal counsel we were explained that due to the liability of written statements a properly contracted legal disclaimer needs to be attached to ensure ambiguity and prevention from predatory reprisal. As a form of penance we have taken time to update tumultuous OP forum statements of others and ourselves so as to pacify the crowd in a manner they deserve and potentially lessen the ever present rancor.

 DISCLAIMER: It is not the expressed or implied intention of Scorpio85 to make claim to known or unknown material facts pertaining to OP forum post intention nor do we believe that we know or have ever known the causation of reply format or the deliberate or non-deliberate interactions between parties whether tangible or by means disguised to Scorpio85. Scorpio85 expressly states that no prejudicial beliefs are harbored towards predators or those that kill for the consumption of food or for cultural or societal reason, furthermore it is  affirmed we likewise have no negative thoughts on those that practice an omnivore diet and fully state all forms of food gathering are equally respected. The term rancor is in reference to the Webster’s definition of the English word and is by no means a reference to the mythological monster under the same name appearing in the Star Wars movie Return of the Jedi. Star Wars and Return of the Jedi are the copyrighted intellectual property of Lucas Arts LLC. The subject heading of this article is for promotional use only with expressed intent to drive traffic, and does not reflect the opinion of Scorpio85 in regards to either any specific community or any organization or assembly of people. 

 Date Posted: 2/4/2013 15:28 
Talking to a co-worker about sucking cock and going down on a man who isn't circumcised , I have never had the experience yet . I was wondering if you would let the female know ahead of time or let her find out for herself as it's not really a big deal. Like I said I am clueless and heard when hard you can't tell , then horror stories of sucking up extra skin .

 DISCLAIMER: The OP makes no claim to have knowledge of the working order of an uncircumcised penis either through deliberate interaction or formal education, and that said penises while described in the aforementioned denotes a difference in appearance and design it is not inferred nor expressly stated that said differences equate to an unbalance or irregularity in either function or inherent beauty. It is not the belief of the OP that un uncircumcised penis possess a realistic threat of suffocation or the encapsulating of a foreign body into the present foreskin of a penis through accidental or purposeful actions. It is recognized that magical manipulation may indeed produce harmful effects and the possibility of foreskin assault, but such wizardly knowledge is beyond the scope of the OP’s adequate understanding on the topic of the arcane and no claim to mastery in sorcery is inherently claimed or represented.

Date Posted: 12/9/2012 12:15
First off I pay just as much as anyone else but because I don't have the seal I cannot look at members vids or even get into certain groups I use to belong too when I was a couple! Like tangerine dream events. How do I get invited to a meet and greet in my town so I can get a gold seal if no ones even replying to my emails or ims because I'm not validated? Ive even asked couples to just meet me at starbucks to show im real and no need to play. Nothing not even one reply. Can someone offer some suggestions please? I'm not asking for a lot just want to be able to enjoy what I'm paying for and get back into the lifestyle I loved for 14 years.

DISCLAIMER: The OP is expressly stating he is a real person and thus deserving of an arbitrary acknowledgement of such to confirm his status as a real person and not a fictional character like Pinocchio, Odin or Rambo. The OP does not make any reference to the reality of Pinocchio or Rambo, nor does the OP have an identifiable position on Norse Mythology and the thunder god Odin. The OP while expressing frustration from current circumstances does not intend to convey ill tidings to those that are subject to his writings nor does a reflection of emotion constitute contempt for LL or those subject to his writings. While the OP directs for open suggestion in the form of written responses, the intent of such communication is purely for educational purposes and not to be construed as a method to incite an assault. While the OP has expressed favoritism for his country of Germany, he does not believe in its supremacy over the world as a whole nor does he openly claim either  a moral position nor ethnic responsibility for the historical events that may or may not have taken place within the boundaries of what was or is now modern Germany.   


Since our sins demand greater punitive atonements but time and attention is lacking we will end this segment of community disclaimer. As always smile and try to have some fun.


 Learning the only thing wrong with the lifestyle is the community =)

 DISCLAIMER: SCORPIO85 does not represent that is has the right or permission of any OP used above, and that such usage is purely for entertainment purposes and the expression of free thought and open speech as so protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. All references are used in satirical fashion with creative indulgence. SCORPIO85 makes no claim to the  inherent humor of others or their ability to get or not get a joke.         



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