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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   The Black Rings for Couples????   

2/24/2013 20:43
Posted By:  - GARDNERVILLE, NV  
Date Posted: 2/24/2013 20:43
   Have you ever wondered if the hot couple sitting next to you at a vanilla bar could be swingers? Have you ever wished for a subtle sign that was known throughout our community that might make it easier to connect with others when you aren't able to travel to a club or party?

So I guess the new sign for couples is for each member of a couple to wear a simple black band on  the right hand....  They are for when you are a few towns , states or countries over and you just got finished with that dreaded vanilla event early so you stop off in the hotel bar for a drink....

Have any of you heard of this or are already participatiing in it.. We strongly believe in this cause and would Love to see this become a universally known tool we can all use!

 I Mrs. L, have  just ordered a pair of black bands for us..............

We will be watching for yours....


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