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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   How do single males make a name for themselves?  

2/26/2013 10:36
Posted By:  - BIG LAKE, MN  
Date Posted: 2/26/2013 10:36
   So been off here for a bit and have not posted in awhile so I thought I would ask. How does a single gentlemen make a name for himself on this website? Not a name as a player but as in a respectful individual who is here to enjoy the same things as others on the site in which you are looking to make friends with both singles and couples a like with the possibility of something a little more. I mean you don't wanna seem disrespectful and email everyone since certain single males have already made a bad rep for most males. But there are the respectful ones just like the ones who are part of a couple.

Now I know 90% percent of first contact is purely physical attraction but what does one do beyond that to get others to contact them? Most respectful guys don't wanna be banging down at everyone's email trying to get someone to chat and therefor seem desperate or pushy. Lets here what you all think. Does one need to attend more events? Maybe change up pictures a little? Rewrite ones profile to seem more appealing to the mind as well as the eyes. Should be interesting to hear answers and I'm sure other single gentlemen would like to see the input as well.

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