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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   what attracted you to swinging and at what point in your life?  

2/28/2013 23:42
Posted By:  - TURLOCK, CA  
Date Posted: 2/28/2013 23:42
   so i was reading something like 4% of general public are swingers.... which seems really low and i was thinking about what drew me into the lifestyle.....for me i was always really turned on by the thought of swinging....as early as 18 started by walching swinger porn and the "screw my wife series".... which only fueled my curiousty.... by college i worked up the nerve to join a swinger website.... after a few months of chickening out i worked up the guts to meet a local couple....i was so nervous.... they were the nicest and most patient people i could of had the luck to meet....they invited me to their house....once i got there we started to have some drinks and they laid out the ground rules....they told me not to stop by their house unless we have a play date... they will call me, me not to call them.... the husband said we're not into cheating but i love walching her getting fucked....we had a few more drinks.... and the husband said so you want to see her naked?... i said hell yeah.... she stripted down to the nude and i was amazed... blond with dd fake tits....then he said why don't you get naked and show her your tool....i striped down... i was so nervus...  she got in the doggiestyle postion... the huddy said do you want to see how wet her pussy is???i started fucking her... it was amazing!!!!!... i don't know what was hotter how hot she was or her husband telling me to fuck her how ever i want!!!we played all night long... after i came 3 or 4 times... i told them i was going to go home... they invited me to stay the night, but i was ready to leave.... they asked if i wanted to play again... i said of course...about a week later they called me in the afternoon... asked if i wanted to play tonight... i said sure... they told me to cum over at 10:30... i got there and this time there was no talking i walked in they were naked... wife looked at me and said ok your turn...so there it is how i got hooked on swinging... later in life i meet my wife and got her interested in swinging... now she loves it!!!!

ok thats my story now lets hear yours?


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