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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   "lines" from vanillas  

3/6/2013 09:27
Posted By:  - FLAGSTAFF, AZ  
Date Posted: 3/6/2013 09:27
   I have noticed in the past few months vanilla guys are getting more and more brazen with there lines....What are some of the most memorable ones you have heard? (and how did it work?) Here are a few of the more memorable ones I have heard....

1. Yesterday at Grocery store.... Guy says "wow...you stopped me in my tracks" (pushing cart)

2. At airport in January A older gentleman stopped me and asks " Did you know Frank Sinatra wrote a song about you?"  "Long legs and short skirts" (or something  like that...never could find the song)

3. This one was a while back....but VERY memorable....after talking to a very young guy (early 20ies) and me saying I have lots of kids, he replies "don't you want one more youngster in your life?" Ha....worded like that??? No!!!! 

I am usually flattered if/when guys talk like this...but never act on it because we only play as a couple.  What are some of the best lines you have heard????  

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