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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
 Originator Date Posted 
   I AM NOT BASHING SOLO MALES - Only a suggestion, made with <3   

3/14/2013 13:28
Posted By:  - SAN FRANCISCO, CA  
Date Posted: 3/14/2013 13:28
   The sheer number of threads in this forum alone, make me hesitant to even post this at all... meh, what the hell!

I'm going to offer a small suggestion to the men that ask those questions "how to make a place for themselves" within the LS as a single man.  ( I am only doing this because it has happened to us quite a few times now.)  You can call me fussy, or picky, or maybe you other couples agree and/or have another small hint or suggestion to add.... 

When you are emailing a couples profile (one that you don't know, and would maybe like to get to know), via a kind photo comment on a pic of the female half, or a wishlist with a note, is all fine and good -and (for me) feels nice to get :-).  BUT, if the communication progresses from there, (or you're initiating communication with a regular mail)  it would serve you very well to acknowledge the male half of the couple - especially when suggesting meeting, getting together, or playing.  Even just by saying "Hi guys..." or "Hey you two..."

This may not apply to all couples (I don't play on a hall-pass and our profile is pretty clear about that) but Mr Mark had been around here a long time as a very well regarded solo male, so he knows very well what works and what doesn't.  I'm making this thread, because frankly - my delivery system is a bit sweeter than his.  AND because I (we) do enjoy playing with solo males, and trust me - we want you guys to be as successful as possible!! 

PLEASE DO NOT TURN THIS INTO A BASHING THREAD!!  It is really my intent to reach a broader audience than just replying from our inbox.

Ms. Mark

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