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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   People are inherently bad until proven otherwise  

3/18/2013 06:02
Posted By:  - DENVER, CO  
Date Posted: 3/18/2013 06:02
After spending sometime this morning reading through forum threads regarding some severely negative LL experiences and reflecting on the past St. Patty's Weekend(and all the violent and sexual assaults witnessed) we wanted to address the issue of personal safety within this community. It never ceases to amaze us how trusting people are and how easy it is for predators to prey upon victims. Hall passes, seperate room play and even parties can be very dangerous activities with those who you don't really know.
We know this is not a popular belief and that many figure their significant others have survived many years without them, but just because something has not happened does not mean something can not happen. Over the last two decades Mr. Scorpio has seen eleven people bleed out and die at his feet, dozens and dozens of women and a few men sexually assaulted both violently and covertly(through use of drugs or alcohol) and too many to remember savagely beaten, maimed and disfigured. The victims and their families are almost always shocked and can't believe it happened to them, and universally harbor deep regret that they did not extend more effort to protect themselves or their loved ones. 

With that being said regardless of your current position on the moral character of others or your belief that your loved one(whether your Mr. or your Mrs.) is safe without you, please reflect on how you would feel if something life altering happened to them and whether or not you would have regret over your actions or lack thereof. Obviously sometimes bad things just happen, but in nearly every case witnessed the victim could have prevented their assault had they believed in the possibility of it.    

Please take some extra precautions with your safety and that of those you love both in the lifestyle and out.

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