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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   How bi-curious is your state?   

3/22/2013 13:39
Posted By:  - HERMOSA BEACH, CA  
Date Posted: 3/22/2013 13:39

(chart in the article)

The writeup:
OK Cupid, the free dating site that usually leads to chlamydia and shame, has compiled its data in a fascinating analysis of their users’ sexual proclivities. The most fascinating chart shows how bi-curious different parts of the U.S. and Canada are…or will admit, anyway. Not surprisingly, The Pacific Northwest and East Coast seem to spend a lot of their time wondering what man yogurt tastes like while the deep South ain’t into that kinda thing. Right. I spent most of my life down South and I can tell you that there are more closet cases there than anywhere else. Of course, Canada is fairly friggin’ bi. How could they not be? It’s so boring in the frozen North that you might as well “celebrate another man’s strength”. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

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