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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   dealing with your wife,girlfriend,female freinds,play parteners PMS  

4/1/2013 11:53
Posted By:  - LAS VEGAS, NV  
Date Posted: 4/1/2013 11:53
This question is mostly for the men in curent long tern relationships since they have alot of experience in this area. I have an ongoing problem with a close male friend of many years .I do not have this problem with my close female friends as they just 'get it" and one even does it herself. My male friend hasnt had  a long term since his twentys and i didnt even know what PMS was in mine .For the last ten years I have not met another woman (i have worked with around 100 on average per night this whole time )that doesnt get  irritable,snappy,moody,flighty,insecure,needy even nurotic during the week before her period .Some get it worse then others and some months are worse .Whenever i get into a fight ,argument tiff whatever with him or my bff its during this time .Since she doest this herself she allways knows and understands.

Men  how do you deal with this uncontrolable hormonal phase and do you understand and support your woman in your life during this time.Im trying best to relay that i dont mean to be nasty and i cant help my feelings during this time .

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