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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Swingers and stds...what say you? Any real stats out there?  

4/11/2013 00:43
Posted By:  - LOS ANGELES, CA  
Date Posted: 4/11/2013 00:43
   The other day I spoke to a guy on the phone that I met via a vanilla website. The guy says he is a medical doctor. For some reason, our conversation turns to stds. The guy says something about how swingers have the highest likelihood of contracting HIV and other stds.

He was in his 30's and this is not the first time I have heard something like this come from a guy in their 30's (in reference to swingers). Being a teen/young adult of the 90's, I can say that we were taught about safe sex and we were told to be scared to death of aids....I still am. To this day, I have NEVER had an std. (thank goodness). Granted, the 90's were the beginning of the aids epidemic and C. Everett Coop made sure we all knew of the dangers of unprotected sex.

So, I wondered what you all thought about this.
As an aside, I recently spoke to an LA county public nurse who shared with me that the people she has been seeing with Aids and other stds are very young, (like late teens and early 20's). She did say that many of the cases she saw were a younger homosexual man that had an older lover that was putting the younger man thru school, and acting as their "sugar daddy". She is also starting to see a resurgence of syphillis cases. Granted, all of the info was delivered in an informal matter, and she was just sharing "a day in the life of" type info. .

Be safe out there!

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