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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   How can you be conservative and a swinger?  

4/12/2013 10:40
Posted By:  - DENVER, CO  
Date Posted: 4/12/2013 10:40
Ok..not to talk about politics...but we keep getting a bit confused about the conservative attitude among many lifestylers we encounter. We were hanging at a house party when a few couples lit up a joint out on the patio and smoked it amongst themselves. Inside several groups of people started making comments regarding their "stoner" antics, and it got us wondering how people so "liberal" in their sexual play can be so close minded about other social activities. Everyone indulged in alcohol freely enough so it is not as if they were against impairment, and marijuana is legal to use and to have in CO (yes its still illegal under Federal law..but both the Justive Dept and the DEA have stated that personal use is not in their area of enforcement) so its not because they were doing an illegal substenance. So why the fuss? Are people really that hypocritical? Not sure how one can hold onto their nilla persona's of conservatism while standing in a leapord thong with their arms around someone elses spouse judging other people for their "hippie" antics. It just seems really odd and makes us wonder how can you be a swinger and have a rigid, conservative attitude. Are the two not contray to each other? 

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