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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Buff guys and flabby girls  

4/18/2013 05:21
Posted By:  - DENVER, CO  
Date Posted: 4/18/2013 05:21
Anyone else notice a trend of ripped muscular men with soft out of shape women? We spend alot of our time watching people at our business and have noticed there sure do seem to be alot of buff men with women anything but buff. So it prompted a gossip session with our some of our staff and the consensus was muscular men are hot(so sayeth the females and one gay bar back) but none of the men present had anything good to say about out of shape women. Interestingly one of our bartenders is a small guy but totally lives in the gym and is ripped...his girl not so much..and yet he did not make an exception and stated he likes women in shape as well. So if everyone likes everyone else to be in shape in theory...why the unbalance in reality? Do these women not know how to get to the gym...or do men really not care that much and so these women dont need to go to the gym?

Before everyone gets upset and things we are bashing body types....lets just preface to say we dont care how much or how little you work out..unless we all want to play then your body type is important to us. We spend alot of time in the gym and have little interest in those that don't share in the same painful sacrifice we do, but we are curious why others don't seem to care. How can one person spend so much time working on their body and yet find someone attractive who spends no time working on theirs?  Any buff males or females out there that find out of shape people attractive? We would love to hear your prespective.

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