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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   no proper explanation for the termination of a five year friendship  

4/19/2013 13:30
Posted By:  - LAS VEGAS, NV  
Date Posted: 4/19/2013 13:30
Please help me understand this lifestyle stuff. Five years ago i met someone who was wonderful in everyway told me he loved me wanted a future and we had the most amazing sex. Only problem he coulnd give me the one thing I needed and got from other men i dated .We stayed friends and even playmates from time to time as I explored the lifestyle .We had our ups and downs but what friendship is perfect .He called almost everyday bought me gifts for holidays and flew down to spend time with me .It was the best of all worlds  friendship,connection,great sex ,freedom ,.Whenever he would change such as start calling less I would assume or sometimes even just ask if he had met someone and he would stop talking to me for a few weeks blaming me for some behavior.Most recently I saw him start changing and confronted him and we agreed that we would tell each other if this happens or when one of us wanted to stop .I assumed that meant the sex not the friendship.we often wouldnt see each other for months yet still talked . The last time he tenatively made plans to visit and after a few days of not chating i asked what was up since i had to sorta figure my own schedule if he was coming  I got a simple text that i felt was a blow offand got mad  and told him not to come  I kinda felt like he wasnt being conciderate and I would have made effort is i was visiting someone yet they didnt have the details and it was two days away  common curtesy right? He called back chewed me out and hung up .Did not hear from him agian until month later and several calls to him asking to explain .I get a text saying tired of arguing  ???  then another a week later saying tired of arguing and my drama ??   He has argued with me and i just change the subject or call him out and as far as drama we all have it from time to time even him.its life . But to go from wanting to see me to nothing over a person getting a little uoset and maybe over reacting  ?? My beastie and I do that too  we talk and get over it .We love each other.I have tried to just get a true explanation so i can heal properly and move on never mind trying to understand why he doesnt miss my companionship or sex . I miss him and our chats I know he cared for me so why the sudden dismisal and why no explanation when I have asked .Im devestated .I would never put someone I cared for through this  I would tell them and I would never blame them for something I do myself

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