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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   shamed for being a "REAL" person on a swingers site  

4/22/2013 13:53
Posted By:  - LAS VEGAS, NV  
Date Posted: 4/22/2013 13:53
      You should never judge someone based off of a few words in forums without knowing thier path ...

"I know Im hot doesnt even sound like something i would say without a reason for it

For example and this is a true story  .I was an exotic dancer for 16 years,I was a fitness model for 8 and performed at Playboy mansion parties for 5 there fore I know I am hot .This comes from confidence and compliments not arrogence 

I have titles ,medals and plaques nationaly and internationally in competetive sports within the last dacade therefore "I know I am in great shape"

My father left at 2years old my mom at 8..clearly I have abandonment issue that have been suppressed 30 some years

My ex husband was a controling ,insecure possesive jealous man.One night after having a baby and turning 21 I decided I wanted to go out with my girlfriends to a club .I had been married 4 years and missed my girls night out

he came into the bathroom burned my back with hairdryer I was drying my hair with then punched me in the face.

I left him and raised my daughter to college without a dime of support.

I am not ashamed of anyone in the world knowing this about me as it has made me who I am today (character)

Interesting fact,,,  most of my career I never danced on a stage, took my top off or danced for a customer.most of them payed me up to 500 an hr or more to talk because I have a great personality am funny and make people feel good.

YES 150,000 a year to show up and TALK to people.

My daughter is in school studying to be a CSI and has never had any desire to follow in my footsteps as she saw me struggle raising her ansd the nontsop dissaproval of people outside of my career or  to get them to look past my looks or stigma of job prefference..She is as strong a woman now as I was raising her as a single mom.

Enter a man who seemed to be the first to see past all that without me having to prove myself , for five years ,then just dissapears after accusing me of the very things he has done hmself ,yes Im heartbroken.

Everyone has drama at times ,overreactes or argues with someone they care about

Oh and try raising a teenage daughter as a female yourself (by yourself) talk about drama !

Your right ..you could write a book about my life and I wish someone would ..You get a published book ,I get a percentage of the profits and retire .

..I am an epceptional woman despite having feelings and emotions beyong the immense desire for lots of freaky sex.

If knowing anything about me (which you could have pieced together yoursel so Im told in my forum history )oh.. and I saved you five hours.)..makes me unatractive to you .thats your issue not mine

I never had a problem getting tons of sex from men or woman before joining a website!!!!!!

I came here for the organized opportunity to meet  sexually like minded REAL people

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