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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Inability to commit higher in the Lifestyle?  

4/28/2013 12:57
Posted By:  - BEVERLY HILLS, CA  
Date Posted: 4/28/2013 12:57
We often hear the main reasond for a marriage ending are
financial stress
lack of communication
and children

I am not sure but cheating should not reallly be a problem here ,nor should jobs or children (most of us have them)

I followed another post for some time and something very important came to mind.

                                  Is it possible for some to just not be able to commit no matter how much they love another and even want to commit to!  How much does the lifestyle play a role in this and how much is personal issue that need to be dealt with?

This girl was struggling with the demise of her long term friendship that came from a failed relationship.She mentioned how he lost respect for her and "fell out of love with her "after she lost her job.She had been in her field over 10 yrs. She also had a child she was raising without any financial help from the father.Assuming she would find another job rather quikly as she had a decade of sucess and the loss was do to company failure and not her job incapabilities. ,this would have been a temperarity thing and any wife/girlfriend of mine would support me both financially as well as mentally untill I was back on my feet.If my wife sudenly left after I lost my job due to recession...she would have been coined a heartless golddigger!!!

It apparent the OP had some great qualities to attract this man to her and keep him comming back for years after the relationship didnt work.She staed that he in many ways acted more like a boyfriend then a casual booty call.I have never heard of calling someone everyday if they are just casual sex.He clearly has feelings for her that he doesnt want to admit to himself.

My wife and I have full hall passes so we ofter browse single males and female.WE are surprised at how many have been single for so many years .Unless they state they are back after splitting we assume they have been single the 6,8,10 years they have been on here .

Is it possible these indeviduals simply cannot commit?  Is it this lifestyle has jaded them or disillusioned them to what a normal healthy relationship is ?

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