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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
 Originator Date Posted 
   Did you design your relationship with the lifestyle in mind?  

5/1/2013 16:20
Posted By:  - SAN ANTONIO, TX  
Date Posted: 5/1/2013 16:20
   Please don't turn this into politics, religion, yesus, the spaghetti monster, racism, flabby men or women, hot men or women, hot slovaks, bad grammar, etc.

So...  What are the two main reasons marriages fail and end in divorce?

  • Infidelity

  • Finances

With that in mind.. Did you and your husband/wife/partner design your relationship to fit in the lifestyle to potentially rid your relationship of those "marriage killers? AND give it a better chance at success?

There are millions of marriages that end in divorce because X or Y cheated.

There are millions of marriages that end in divorce because of money related issues.

I'm not really focusing in the financial aspect. There are people who survive with nothing and have happy relationships.

This is more about keeping monogamy out to let happiness in. 

I'd like to hear your thoughts. Thought it was an interesting topic.

The FUGU's

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