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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Viagra (or smiilar) for healthy guys... Yea or Nay  

5/7/2013 13:04
Posted By:  - GLENN DALE, MD  
Date Posted: 5/7/2013 13:04
   I am using the Comic Sans MS font for this one, because it really is almost comical to me, but maybe not to other folks...  So I recently was travelling in Europe, and hanging out with a LS couple that I had met at Hedo last year in a really, really cool swing club housed in a kind of mini castle in Berlin...  The evening was just starting, but the breathtaking sights were already starting to stoke the fires a bit...  Then the guy part of the couple nonchalantly pulled out a little blue pill and asked if I wanted one...  So I definitely had some 70s flashbacks because back then, very few good things happened after accepting pills from friends.  But I have been incredibly resistant when it comes to this quasi trend for three reasons: 1) worried that it could easily become a psychological crutch 2) doubts that it really does anything for healthy guys 3) just basic good ole male ego - I don't need no stinkin pill to get or keep my dick hard...  The latter sometimes surprises me, because I had always felt that I would probably drink chilled Alaskan Moose piss if I thought it would somehow enhance my sexual enjoyment...  Sooooo...  decided to indulge, and I have to say, the effects were impressive, but still very skeptical...  So now I'm wondering how other folks feel about that path...  Am I the only paranoid/too proud guy out there...  I'm also curious to hear how ladies (and I use that term very loosely..) feel about it...

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