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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Techno music in the lifestyle  

5/9/2013 12:49
Posted By:  - PHOENIX, AZ  
Date Posted: 5/9/2013 12:49
   Ever gone to an after party in the lifestyle, wandered the halls and listened to the music coming out of the rooms? Techno would appear to be the music (using the word music lightly) of choice for the lifestyle.

When did techno electronica music become the anthem for lifestylers? The only reason we can imagine why anyone would want to listen to this dribble (our opinion) is because people must be trippin" on X or some other type of drug. How else would you explain listening to non-sexy, non-erotic and basically an annoying style of droning noise this music seems to be. 

Techno has always been a style more suited to young teen and twenty somethings, and considering most LLers are well past their 20's, it always seems to be a sad and pathetic attempt to recapture one's youth.  None of us really grew up with this. Can't we listen to music we've enjoyed our whole lives?

We are all for being the best you can be, at what ever age you are at, but come on, this stuff is crap!! Please explain to us what enhancement this stuff brings to a sexual experience?

Sorry to offend anyone. More observations and opinions to come!

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