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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Bi sexual and your definition??  

6/21/2013 17:09
Posted By:  - ROSEVILLE, CA  
Date Posted: 6/21/2013 17:09
   We have this theory of what we think "Bi sexual" should really mean. Let us know what you think it means or should mean.
Because what really is bi comfortable? Or Bi curious?
We feel if a person is Bi, then that means they can love and have a relationship on top of sexual acts with both sexes.
If you are Bi "Sexual," then you like just  the sexual acts with both sexes but just can't see yourself having a relationship with the same sex... (hens the word sexual)
Swinger sites like to throw in words/choices like Comfortable and Curious.  Many of us start out curious but then that fetcher needs to be updated to bi sexual, bi, or straight. Because once you try it you should know if you like it or not.  As for comfortable?? I don't get that one. You're comfortable doing what? But really deep down you don't want to? lol  The definition to bi comfortable should really read... "I am okay with you eating my pussy but I don't want to eat yours." lol That is what I feel Bi comfortable means.
Thanks for listening... For the record I am Bi Sexual because I love the sexual acts with both male and female but don't think i could have an exclusive "relationship" with just a girl.  Male and female at the same time yes... but not only a female.

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