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   Body odor at swing club  

6/24/2013 09:01
Posted By:  - SACRAMENTO, CA  
Date Posted: 6/24/2013 09:01
   I went to a very popular swing club in San Francisco  this past weekend and was appalled by the overwhelming stench of BO in the play area. I have never experienced body odor this bad before in any setting. This particular swing club has a play area that is upstairs from the dance floor. about halfway up the stairs you can smell the BO. After getting to the top the smell was unbelievable. At first, we couldn't tell if it was BO or just a really foul pussy. There were about 10 couples  already up there playing and it was hard to pinpoint the culprit. We didn't even bother getting comfy up there because of the stench. We spoke to a few other couples and they also complained of the smell.  There is a masseuse onsite and we mentioned how bad the smell was in the play area and he acknowledged it and even mentioned that he has broached BO issue with the offending party before and the stinker just laughed it off and even seemed proud of it. We tried going upstairs a little later hoping the smell had dissipated but it still smelled terrible. On the way out I mentioned the smell to management and her attitude and response was basically "sorry but there isn't anything we can do about it".

I have been to this swing club a few times before and always had a great time. However, based on this latest experience I'm seriously doubt a return. 

Has anyone experienced anything like this before? What can be done about it.  Is this just something that needs to be tolerated? 

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