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Forum Category: General Lifestyle Discussion Topics
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   Thread on Singles options for LifeStylers looking for partner?  

6/27/2013 07:41
Posted By:  - BEIJING, CHINA  
Date Posted: 6/27/2013 07:41
   So here I am after several years in the lifestyle.
A bunch of years in the community here on this site, although a bit lower key.
Two separate 6 year relationships and a few shorter in the lifestyle in general.
They didn't end badly, but they just didn't continue either.
A question:
What functions of the site are there, if any, for making myself available for relationship status-wise or searchable or whatever?
I mean, ultimately this is a couple's site, proportionately I suppose.
I imagine it may have been discussed before, so aiming me to a previous thread is fine if you know any.
But I am a 'relationship' oriented individual, just non-vanilla, and I wondered if there is any way of putting myself up on the (meat)market specifically?
I'm not exactly ready to do a "campaign" or anything, but I would move someplace new for the right relationship (currently in Asia) and wouldn't mind putting myself out there again, and regular dating sites just don't seem to have enough criteria to describe me appropriately.
Anyways, I'm sure it's been discussed.
Any advice, references or suggestions appreciated...

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